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The Butterfly

…the quietude of the night. Her daughter sleeping soundly beside her, the occasional baby snore punctuating the stillness of the night, the hum of the air-conditioner purring in the room. Pachelbel’s Suite No. 1: Serenade played on her iPod. She pattered out into the living room, not understanding why (or perhaps she did) she had […]

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The Attempt

She had contemplated ways and means, methods and madness. How she would do it. Her tears were a silent scream lodged in her throat, unable to force their way out into the crazy world. She methodically read manuals, calmly wrote a holographic will in her hand. Left a note for her daughter. And to the […]

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An Open Letter to God

Dear God, When I was a child, I was taught to believe in You, and all that You stood for in this world. I was taught to believe that you were the supreme Divine Being, the All and Nothing, the Omniscient and Omnipresent, the Alpha and Omega, the One and Everything. And I loved You […]

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I Am God

He came to me in my sleep, and said, I am your God. I am distracted, blinded by the dazzle. The words do not escape my lips. I did not utter them. But I did not need to. Still, he knew. He said, I am your God and you are the Purpose of this Universe. What is […]

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Properties in a time of crisis

Is the economy really in the throes of a crashing crisis, capable of bringing the world to a stand-still? It’s all people can talk about these days, and I have to admit, I’m pretty scared too. I’m trying to save some money also, notwithstanding my problem with shopping. I’d be lying if I said my […]

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Writing Project: Chapter 4

“Who are you?” she panted as she tried to keep up with the girl. The both of them were moving at an amazing speed, and she had the distinct feeling that she was flying. The red cows continued flying beside her, the silvery bells around their neck clanging like a busy church bell. She looked […]

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Writing Project: Chapter 2

I’m in a dream, she thought to herself. She was lying on the forest floor, quiet and still, taking in her surroundings. She could not remember how she had gotten here. She squeezed her eyes shut to will herself to remember what had happened, but her memory only served up a black hole filled with […]

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Thinking about you

What we think, we become ~ Buddha My dearest E., I just thought of you. I have been sitting at my work desk, dreaming the past half hour away, waiting to come home and see you. Because I miss you, and can’t wait to fold you into my arms and escape into nothingness. You and […]

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