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Category Archives: Fashion

These Boots Are Made for Walking

I stood for a long time tonight, looking at you contemplatively. You arrived in December, just in time for the holidays, wrapped in white tissue paper, nestled quietly in that big brown box. I tore it open eagerly, like a child on Christmas morning, my heart thumping in anticipation, because I wanted you. I wanted […]

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Confessions of a Shopaholic

*Own it. Own it. Own it* I’m owning it, damnit. Hi, my name is Pin Lean and I’m a shopaholic. It has been 108 hours since I last shopped. Thank you! I know. It’s a difficult feat, but I’m clean for more than 24 hours! I made it. Today, I’m owning up to it. That […]

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My swimsuit

For obvious reasons, I stay away from skinny jeans, midriff-baring tops, sleeveless/spaghetti-strap tops, tight clothing, and of course, swimwear. Even way back then when I wasn’t fat, I was still painfully shy of having to don a swimsuit. I’d never been bolder to put on less than a modest 1-piece. Oh, I had a nice […]

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In the lap of luxury

I’ve always coveted luxurious designer goods. I own some, but I generally don’t spend unless I REALLY like something. I don’t buy designer clothes, because I feel they’re too expensive when I could go to a discount store and get something I need at a fraction of the price. I do, however, sometimes buy designer […]

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The nurse

The coffee cup was warm in her hands, and in the blistering cold of the night, she was glad that she had 15 minutes to sit down and relax. The night was clear and bright and there were stars twinkling down from the heavens above. She shivered a little in her coat, and extricated a […]

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New Shoes

A woman can never have too many shoes ~ Lau Pin Lean My dearest E., Hahaha, that was my quote. And I still do believe in it. You have a fantastic new shoe collection.

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Shoes, shoes, shoes

One, two, buckle my shoe…. ~ traditional nursery rhyme My dearest E., Methinks you have developed a thing for shoes, just like your mother. Last night, I proudly took out the two new pairs of shoes I had bought for you. You have rather long feet for an almost-14 month old. You wear a size […]

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It’s not what you do once in a while, it’s what you do day in and day out that makes the difference ~ Jenny Craig My dearest E., You’re going to be a junior model! OK, I’m only saying this because your father and I are naturally excited that a talent agency called. And they […]

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Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be ~ Princess Diana My dearest E., Look at you. I think you have the makings of a fine princess. I love that you have learnt to smile with poise and grace- I don’t know where you’ve gleaned that from, certainly not me. I love that […]

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