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Category Archives: Humour

You know you’re getting old when…

You throw/attend a friend’s bridal shower and come home by midnight You have a girls’ night out and can’t stop text-ing your husband and asking about the baby You reminisce about your primary school days- 24 years ago You ask your unmarried friends when their turn is going to be (sounding irritatingly like those relatives […]

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The Threesome Meme

Here’s another meme I got from EC, my colleague, who is also fast-becoming one of my girlfriends…This meme is also going to be rather embarassing for me, but what the heck! 3 things that your friends would immediately associate with you Control freak-ism (is there such a word?): Yes, I’m a control freak in many ways. […]

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I took a leaf out of SL’s blog and decided to do the Nerd Test, just because. Here’s what my score says about me:

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The “F” word

By the “F” word, I mean THAT “F” word. The one that means “to copulate”. I think children have an innane ability to store things, in particular, words, they hear in their little computer-like memories. It’s like a huge recess with lots of tiny compartments with different labels. E.G. words I’ve heard once; words I […]

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I Want a Baby

So I’m already a mother. I have a beautiful 20-month old daughter. I’m still fat, though, from my excess pregnancy weight, which I’ve failed to lose since I delivered E. Yesterday, my mind had a conversation with my body: Mind: Oh, how I want another baby! I love E., but it would be so nice […]

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