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Writing Project: Chapter 16

The dizzying effect in her head grew more intense, and as she swiftly made her way through the brush and trees, branches slapping into her face, clawing into her bare arms, she felt as if she was going to cry. Where was he? Her senses, though still acute, had been thrown into limbo because of […]

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Writing Project: Chapter 14

He never stopped running. In the distance, he could hear the quick sounds of an impending chase: intelligible shouts. He imagined the fierce guards, brandishing their clubs, wielding heavy, fire torches. He remembered the look on the old man’s face: he looked, for once, old and extremely human. An involuntary sense of pity had flooded […]

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Writing Project: Chapter 12

The words “no escape” presented to her a bleak and dreary existence. She could not fathom having to spend the rest of her life in this strange world. She missed her brother, her life, what she used to be. Here, she was the hunted, with no knowledge of the events that led her here. If […]

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Writing Project: Chapter 10

They scrambled to hide behind a thick bush, the dancing girl had now stopped dancing and was crouched quietly beside her. She was panting, out of breath and looked at the girl, who was strangely calm and didn’t appear the least bit fazed.  “Why are we hiding?” she whispered. She felt a light touch on […]

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Writing Project: Chapter 8

His body visibly shook as the guards suddenly kicked the back of his legs and forced him to his knees, his face smashing against the hard dirt of the ground. He shook his head rabidly, eyes flashing with anger, but his strength was no match against them. What remained of his shirt, hanging in a […]

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Writing Project: Chapter 6

He gazed at the old man, his heart pounding. Was this his fate coming up to meet him?   Beneath the old man’s wrinkled, weather-beaten olive skin and thick furrowed snowy eyebrows, he glimpsed small twinkling eyes. Despite the crazy white hair and thin  cheesecloth draped over his lithe body, the old man evoked a […]

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Writing Project: Chapter 4

“Who are you?” she panted as she tried to keep up with the girl. The both of them were moving at an amazing speed, and she had the distinct feeling that she was flying. The red cows continued flying beside her, the silvery bells around their neck clanging like a busy church bell. She looked […]

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Writing Project: Chapter 2

I’m in a dream, she thought to herself. She was lying on the forest floor, quiet and still, taking in her surroundings. She could not remember how she had gotten here. She squeezed her eyes shut to will herself to remember what had happened, but her memory only served up a black hole filled with […]

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