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Category Archives: Music


Since I bought my new iPod Classic, I’ve been filling up that little baby with music, all sorts of wonderful stuff. I love my iPod, my iTunes, and I can spend a fruitful day uploading at least a hundred songs into that little machine. From the chill-out sounds of Royksopp and Nuspirit Helsinki, to the […]

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Over you…

….is fast becoming one of my favourite songs. It’s a song by Daughtry, a phenomenal, hot, rising band pioneered by Chris Daughtry, a former American Idol contestant (Season 5). With music edging on rock and grunge, Daughtry’s songs are fast rising on the music charts, with the release of one great single after another. You […]

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Musician’s note: My friend and I wrote the lyrics for this song for the Taiwanese pop artiste, Elva. The song was Mandarin to begin with, but they were hoping to break into the English-speaking market, and enlisted our help to do so. So, MM and I came up with these lyrics, definitely on the corny […]

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Metaphorically Dead

In your eyes I see the inner fire What a beautiful day to throw away What a beautiful day. Dream tongiht I see myself destroy What a tragical day to go away What a tragical day. Bridge: You see me cry Cry in the rain Cry, cry, cry Chorus: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, […]

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Breaking the Waves

When I come home And walk the streets of ghostliness Dreaming concise To see the light Never again from this charade I play alone Hooked on some Mary Jane and deep red wine You followed me down tonight Close the secrets that lie Chorus: Breaking the waves in the maze of my old enemies Truly […]

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Yet another love song

Musician’s note: One of my favourite pieces of all that I’ve composed. When I say that you don’t mean everything you’re speaking does it really matter really cos if you were lying deeply inside a dream and when I look into your eyes all I try to see is a picture of you and me […]

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Musician’s note: A fictitious piece about secret lovers. Whisper with your fingers On the strings, your Stratocaster Tastes like mead upon my lips Walking like a willow through the leaves I long to steal a tempered kiss Upon my lips Bridge 1: Now the day has turned into the night Silent longing has filled me […]

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Musician’s note: After I got it on with a beautiful man named Michael many, many years ago, I wrote this song for the heck of it after I found out he was a jerk. Affirmation, physical attraction Seems so much more And what is it for? I’m a harlot, you’re the buyer Stripping me bare […]

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Not the Village Idiot

Musician’s note: I wrote this song after when I was in secondary school. I went with my mother to pick up my cousin, who is mentally-retarded, from school and we found a group of boys laughing and mocking him. The only person who had bothered to stand up for him was a girl in his […]

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