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Category Archives: Personal writing project

The Writing Course

I signed up for a comprehensive creative writing course with the Writers Bureau of the UK a month ago. I finally got down to doing something like this for myself. It’s an online program, very flexible- I can take my own time to finish the assignments (30 in all), so long as it is done […]

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Looking-glass water

I awake to the sound of water. Trickling quietly, as if humming a melody of its own accord. Strangely, it is a melody I recognize, which I dig out from the far recesses of my memory, from the banks of my previous life. I think I have lived a number of years. But I do […]

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Witches, Necromancers & Vampires: Day Two

“Do you believe in the afterlife? Or maybe reincarnation?” Ezra was thoughtful as he played with a straw and chewed it contemplatively.  “Don’t ask me things like that first thing in the morning, Ezra. I’m not in the mood for deep thinking today.” “But I want to know. It’s important.” “For fuck’s sake, why? Stop […]

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Sociological Blunder: Still Day One

Ezra took her to a bar on Shady Street. It was surprisingly quiet, but then again, it was a Wednesday night and one would expect the night scene on a Wednesday night to be pretty dead and unencumbered. They placed themselves in a corner booth for two, instead of at the bar, because there was […]

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John Keats & Pablo Neruda: Day One

“POETRY READING 22.30 p.m. Wednesdays Compare yourself with characters of calibre. Let your strength shine through. Join us.” “Hmm, interesting,” she mused to herself as she read the notice. Taking a step backward, she glanced critically at the tall, red-brick building with green moss growing on its walls. Some parts of the building, like that […]

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Prologue: The River

By the River she sits and lets the cold, ice water wash away her every sorrow of the magnified world in the form of tears; they are tiny silver droplets which catch their pleasing light from the sun; they change colours as quickly as a chameleon does: the tears ease their way slowly down her […]

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