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Category Archives: Relationships


A surprise, he told me. I was shivering in excitement. I drove like a mad woman to the hotel. Eager to find out what he had in store for me. A little fiasco at the reception. I had no key access card. They gave it to me when I said his name. He made me […]

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Missing my husband

It never struck me until a few days ago, how dependent I am on my husband. Or rather, how much I value his company and his love. When we were through our whirldwind days of romance and courtship, we settled into a nice leisurely life together. And then E came along, and suddenly, my priorities […]

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It was done. His mind was made up. His heart pounded as he let himself into his house, the matrimonial home he and Laura had shared for the past 15 years. Was this wise? He didn’t care. All he knew, was that he was in love with Peta. He had fallen in love with her the first […]

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Cabin fever

The jeep came to standstill at last, after hours of travel. She leapt out of the car like a jack in a box, stretching her long, jean-clad legs. The air in the Smokie Mountains was crisp and fresh, and she breathed in, feeling the air fill her lungs up with the scent of pine. The clouds […]

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Over you…

….is fast becoming one of my favourite songs. It’s a song by Daughtry, a phenomenal, hot, rising band pioneered by Chris Daughtry, a former American Idol contestant (Season 5). With music edging on rock and grunge, Daughtry’s songs are fast rising on the music charts, with the release of one great single after another. You […]

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The nurse

The coffee cup was warm in her hands, and in the blistering cold of the night, she was glad that she had 15 minutes to sit down and relax. The night was clear and bright and there were stars twinkling down from the heavens above. She shivered a little in her coat, and extricated a […]

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The bug

He thumped his computer angrily, muttering, “What the hell…?” under his breath. His wife looked on anxiously, biting her finger-nails. “Can you fix it, baby?” she asked breathlessly. “I’d die if I have to re-do my sales report. I spent a good hour on it.” “Gimme a minute,” he said brusquely. “Get yourself to the […]

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