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Category Archives: Home

Home Improvement (3)

I had last decided that I would fix up the bathrooms in our home first. I spent some weekdays after work and during the weekends when Hubs had to work, scouting around some shops for some decently-priced bathroom fixtures. I had dreams of tearing out our entire bathroom tiles and humongous bath-tub, replaced by a […]

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Home Improvement (2)

I returned home pretty late last night, and was in a mad rush to take a shower and pick up my daughter from my parents’ home. I was also hungry, because it was already 9.30 p.m. and my lunch dissolved at about 5 p.m. I bundled up the stairs, removing my clothes as I did, into […]

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Home improvement (1)

I was talking to my maid last night about my plans to re-model / improve my home. She seemed enthusiastic when I told her I was planning to convert the study room downstairs into a little bedroom for her, complete with a new single bed, mattress and bedding. And yes, a chest of drawers. She […]

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Last night, I wanted to fix a piece of costume jewellery of mine- it was a lovely beaded necklace, but the clasp had come off and I couldn’t wear it anymore. All it needed was a good pull with a pair of pliers, a nifty squeeze, a hook and voila, it’d be as good as […]

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I seriously need to free up some cash. I’m going for a long holiday in LA at the end of this year (hopefully), and at the rate I’m spending these days (not on shopping or clothes or bags- but just spending in general for my household and family), I’m going to be flat-out broke by […]

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Move or improve?

I saw my dream home several months ago, at a development called Desa Park City. Not too far from my current abode, but certainly further. My dream home was priced at a hefty RM1.5 million, and it was a bare unfurnished unit, 3 stories high, intermediate linked unit. Beautiful finishing, though. And I loved the […]

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