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Category Archives: Twilight

In His Room

It was the kind of sunlight you’d only imagine in the movies. But it was there, picking up the dust motes from the air, lightly framing the legs of a wooden chair. It peeked through the half-drawn curtains. I stretched in the bed, taking in the wonderful smells that was Him. He was nowhere to […]

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To be Bella

That’s right, go ahead and yawn… I’m still not done with my Twilight craze. Over the Chinese New Year holidays, I watched Twilight another 3 times. I’ve practically memorized the script. And each time I watch it, I swear that I could be Bella deep down… It’s got to a point where I’m almost embarassed […]

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Liquid gold eyes

After dinner one night, I pleaded with Husband to try once more at our regular bootlegged DVD store, to see if the movie “Twilight” was out on bootlegged DVD. It was, but it was a rather blurry cinema-scope copy, with tinges of blues and greys- the audio quality however, was fantastic. I usually wouldn’t settle […]

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