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Daily Archives: February 26, 2007


My dearest E., Although you are, to me, the sweetest, cutest, most beautiful, adorable-st little thing ever, you do have your grumpy moments too- which are, I must say, as equally endearing as your sweet moments!

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My dearest E., You never cease to amaze me. Particularly over the past month. I can hardly believe how grown-up you are now. You’ve started talking a little, eager to utter new words you’ve learnt. Your comprehension and understanding astounds me. I always knew that you were a very personable baby, but I never knew […]

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Feeding grapes

My dearest E., First the beers. Now grapes. You fed me delicious seedless grapes from a huge glass bowl on Thursday night while we watched TV. Like the gentle whirr of a ferris wheel, not unlike clockwork, you popped the little grapes into my mouth, one by one, a cheeky grin on your face throughout. […]

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Helping Daddy with the beers

My dearest E., I walked into the kitchen a few days ago to prepare your lunch and what did I see? Your Daddy and cute little you, Daddy sitting spread-eagled and you squatting on your chubby little legs, both on the kitchen floor in front of the refrigerator. Daddy had a crate of Carlsberg beer […]

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