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Daily Archives: June 15, 2007

Lines Written With Thought Beside Me

To have Reality smashed up Against your face and see Life through the cracks. To squint to see until Your eyes begin to burn and close And you begin to dream. To dream would be fine But what if sleep intrudes and oblivion follows on its heels? Where would this walk lead? What of the […]

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I’ve not been anything but scorching hot Soared with passions all aflame But when he gently let me down, told me “This is not a rejection”- (but it was!) To tepid. Then to Cool again. It was like this as I recall My emotions, registering on Richter, Rippling on the equator And I thought my […]

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I Wonder…

1. Where women (who’ve had children) derive their motherly instinct from? And likewise, where women (who’ve had children) derive the animalistic instinct not to care for their young ones anymore? 2. Why, despite feminist movements, women’s equality debates, promising career advancements, the balance of the power struggle, and blurring of the gender demarcation and their […]

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