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Daily Archives: July 11, 2007

The “F” word

By the “F” word, I mean THAT “F” word. The one that means “to copulate”. I think children have an innane ability to store things, in particular, words, they hear in their little computer-like memories. It’s like a huge recess with lots of tiny compartments with different labels. E.G. words I’ve heard once; words I […]

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Love after 3 years

What does love feel like? I used to think that I knew that emotion very well. Every time I was attached to a boy, I think I loved him. But after we broke up, and the tears of sorrow (or joy, as the case may be) stopped coming, I would ask myself, Did I love […]

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My own domain name

So I’ve gone ahead and done it, although I told myself before it wouldn’t be worth it for my use: I don’t run a business, I hadn’t yet figured out how I would increase traffic to my blogs, and sure, I blog, but only so much as time permits me. So why get my own […]

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Stars & Hearts

The first timid tremblings of the Dawn time blends with the universal lull. Fields of air traverse the total gulf between Earth and the Central Heavens. We are of halcyon repose, a veil of equable transparency. Aeons ago, every atom in our bodies was part of a star. Like stardust, we all belong to one […]

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Poor Derelict Name

Striding along that zone of consciousness Monochrome lights upon the mind’s jewel She possessed none but a poor derelict name For life of which it would serve such twirl As the sodden angels lightly came. Beneath the darkened angered eyes She watched with recognition, such sublime To face the animosities and liquid dreams As she […]

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Being Ill

“I enjoy convalescence. It is the part that makes the illness worthwhile” ~ George Bernard Shaw My dearest E., There is no rest for the weary. Your father and I fell ill with the viral flu over the weekend. At first, the illness crept through us quietly and steadily, showing no physical signs of mutation, […]

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The auditions

“When you are modelling, you are creating a picture, a still life, perhaps something like a silent film. You convey emotion but you are only using your body” ~ Helena Christensen My dearest E., Your father and I, when you were born, had, and still do have, the highest hopes and dreams for you. You […]

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