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Daily Archives: August 1, 2007


Kisses. Are they sacred? Is it a folly to open your mouth (and tongue) to the mouth of a stranger? Caught in the moment, a wave of passion deriding all your better judgment, whisking you along on that ride of insolence. I think of all the kisses I have bequeathed over the years. Some deserved them. […]

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Is it nasty to while the hours away listening to Loreena McKennitt, getting sucked into that chasm of long-ago? Dreaming, drifting along the flow of nothingness. Fumbling towards the beauty of another world? Is it nasty to demean others to protect your friends? To see yourself as the sole saviour in an impossible circumstance? To […]

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A dream

I dreamt that he found another love. A beautiful young girl with long flowing locks. A slender buxom body that cried “Look at me!” Glowing peaches & cream complexion with ruby-red lips. Soft brown eyes that drew you into their depths, drowning you in their beauty. I love you, but that isn’t enough for me, […]

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The Fallen

He wandered through the darkened streets, looking up at the windows of houses. In the distance, the church bell rang with a loud peal. He closed his white hands over his ears, straining, hurting. Beauty in pain, he was once told. Embrace who you are, what you have become. His heart pounded beneath his chest. […]

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He lay prone on the hospital bed, breathing raggedly. An oxygen mask was clamped over his face. His eyes were closed and sunken deep within their sockets. She sat quietly beside him, drinking in the sight of this once-gigantic man, now reduced to mere skin and bones. The horrific memories of her childhood came flooding […]

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