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Daily Archives: September 21, 2007


Musician’s note: My friend and I wrote the lyrics for this song for the Taiwanese pop artiste, Elva. The song was Mandarin to begin with, but they were hoping to break into the English-speaking market, and enlisted our help to do so. So, MM and I came up with these lyrics, definitely on the corny […]

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Metaphorically Dead

In your eyes I see the inner fire What a beautiful day to throw away What a beautiful day. Dream tongiht I see myself destroy What a tragical day to go away What a tragical day. Bridge: You see me cry Cry in the rain Cry, cry, cry Chorus: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, […]

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To Queenie

I found an old letter I had written a long time ago. It was very short. I fingered the yellow page, torn out from a filofax, and remembered how young I was. In mind, that is. I was 15 then, and very into the whole karma/reincarnation/rebirth/afterlife thing. But I also believed in God- and reading […]

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Writing Project: Chapter 14

He never stopped running. In the distance, he could hear the quick sounds of an impending chase: intelligible shouts. He imagined the fierce guards, brandishing their clubs, wielding heavy, fire torches. He remembered the look on the old man’s face: he looked, for once, old and extremely human. An involuntary sense of pity had flooded […]

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