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Daily Archives: November 16, 2007

The funeral

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” the man said to her. “Kevin was a wonderful man.” His thin face, although drawn with empathy and genuine regret, made her want to laugh. His eyebrows were set close to each other, and he gently pressed her hand, covering it with his big ones. They were warm and […]

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When I bought my Sony Ericsson mobile phone six months ago, I was excited because finally, I was going to get a Bluetooth headset with it. No more silly hands-free units with dangly wires and bits that get caught in your ear-rings  or tangles with your seat belt while you’re driving. Just a nifty little […]

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The nurse

The coffee cup was warm in her hands, and in the blistering cold of the night, she was glad that she had 15 minutes to sit down and relax. The night was clear and bright and there were stars twinkling down from the heavens above. She shivered a little in her coat, and extricated a […]

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The bug

He thumped his computer angrily, muttering, “What the hell…?” under his breath. His wife looked on anxiously, biting her finger-nails. “Can you fix it, baby?” she asked breathlessly. “I’d die if I have to re-do my sales report. I spent a good hour on it.” “Gimme a minute,” he said brusquely. “Get yourself to the […]

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Workout plan

My personal trainer is going off for 10 days to Bangkok! Boo hoo. I’ve enjoyed my sessions with her: she’s one tough cookie, but she really motivates me to work harder and push my body to limits I’d never thought possible to achieve. This is far cry from me, 2 months ago, when I literally […]

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