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Monthly Archives: December 2007


It was done. His mind was made up. His heart pounded as he let himself into his house, the matrimonial home he and Laura had shared for the past 15 years. Was this wise? He didn’t care. All he knew, was that he was in love with Peta. He had fallen in love with her the first […]

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The Plumber

His sink was busted again. He had no idea how to fix it. His life was truly going downhill. He had come out a few months ago, to his parents, guns all-blazing. His mother had handled the whole thing badly. His father looked sad. Only his brother supported his decision. He had quit his job. […]

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The Gold Anklet

She had searched high and low for it. The family heirloom. A simple gold anklet with a tiny bell on the end, which made little tinkles as she walked. Today, she sat in her garden reading a novel, swinging herself on the old white swing. It was a cool, pretty Spring day and the scent […]

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Mouth open

A few weeks ago, E dragged me to a meeting with him one afternoon. Our workload at the office was fast-increasing, and where possible, we’d gather colleagues to help sit in at meetings so that we’d be able to turnaround the work faster with another person on board the deal. This was some IT-related deal. […]

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The bet

I suppose that there is no sure-fire way to losing weight (if you’ve been like me and have done nothing but procrastinate for the past 2 years), except if you place a bet with your friends that you’ll lose 10 kgs in 3 months. I have no idea what possessed me to do it: I […]

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