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Daily Archives: June 21, 2008

Get strong

She couldn’t pay the bills. The house was too big to upkeep without hired help. She defaulted on the hire-purchase payments for the cars. When she went to work everyday at the bank, where she was a cashier, she didn’t know where to look everytime she saw the manager. The bank, they helped her. Great […]

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At peace

The air is still. But it is cool. My skin is cool, and I have never felt much more at peace than I do at this very moment. Breathing in the fresh, crisp mountain air. Solitude. Oneness with nature. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The brook that runs beneath me hides […]

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We went for a beach holiday 2 weeks ago. We flashed money, we had great food, we spared no expenses. When we came back home, it felt terrible. Coming back to reality. And the reality was- we had overspent. Or perhaps I did. 12 bikinis I had no absolute use for- I kept 6 and […]

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When I was younger, I could never comprehend why grown-up women would spend so much time and money on beauty and cosmetic products. I saw no difference in their complexions. As I sat at high-teas with my mum and her friends, they’d rave about the latest beauty product in the market: guaranteed to reduce cellulite […]

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I’m not sure I do. I know I’m smart. Knowing that is enough for me. I know myself. I don’t need anyone else to tell me that. I don’t need engraved plaques that tell people I’m smart. Everyone thinks she’s the smarter one. That’s a great idea. No, I’m not hurt. She makes the grades. […]

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Not sure what happened to us. We were in love once. I sit in the bedroom, the four walls close in on me, and I can’t breathe. There is a strange sound ringing in my ears, I can’t make it out… I slap myself. I realize that it is the sound of me, moaning. My […]

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