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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Commercial houses

Hubs and I took E to the Kizsports Gym & Playland in Bangsar Village II on Monday, during the Deepavali public holiday. It was early still (well, relatively), about 11 a.m. Traffic was smooth. We were due to meet Charlie, Shen & baby Gavin there for a few hours of riotous fun. I love the […]

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A Problem

You have a problem, he says. Because he is my husband and he says this, like he is perfect, I resent him. I get angry. I become defensive. I cook up reasons why I don’t have a problem. I tell him, this is my money. I’ve earned it through sheer hard work. I want to spoil […]

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Writing Project: Chapter 18

The pain came suddenly. Intense. Beyond the wildest imagination of men. He knew from experience that it would last only a few hours, and then go away. What the pain left, though would be emblazoned in his memory forever. But the passing seconds felt like an eternity. He stifled a scream, curled his fist into […]

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Retail Therapy

I’ve over-done the retail therapy thing. I tell myself, everytime I buy a new pair of shoes I don’t really need, or a handbag that costs more than my daughter’s bi-annual kindy fees, that I’m treating myself. That I deserve a gift. That I work hard for my money and therefore I should be able […]

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Whoever said that…

…money doesn’t make the world go round, or that it doesn’t bring happiness, or that it’s less important than love and health- is a big fat liar! Money SO makes things work, and I’d be happy beyond words if only I had more money. As it is, I had to fork out over almost 2 […]

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