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Monthly Archives: September 2009

41 days

It has been 41 days now. How time passes by, in the twinkling of a star. People see me today, full of compassion and concern. They ask me, are you ok? And they look at me with their sad puppy-dog eyes, rubbing my arm. And what am I to say? I should tell them the […]

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Dear Roxy

Dear Roxy, Does the pain ever go away? I think it never does. The pain remains as a constant niggling sensation, eating away at you every single day, until one day, it ceases to be a primary feeling, and diminishes into something less intense. But it still remains nevertheless. A sudden smell, thought, sound, a […]

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My Superman, My Hero

He knew everything there was to know about the world. He was so knowledgeable, it astounded me. I truly believe until today, that he knew all the answers to every question I had. He was widely-read, wise, terribly smart. He possessed all this intelligence and knowledge without a shred of pride, with the longing to […]

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Coming Home

My brother and I had been arguing about some remarkably silly trivial thing. Toys, or something. Growing up, with only a 2 year gap in our age differences, we loved each other with a ferocity only siblings know- but we also fought intensely. As the older child, and the generally more bookish one, I was […]

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In A Dream

He came to me in a dream last night. For a short while, he was alive- still with a yellowed pallor, still weak, still in the hospital gown. But he was conscious. Sitting on a bed. And he could speak. In this dream, he had come back from the land of the dead. I sat […]

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I Remember

…..every single thing. How he used to sing me lullabies when I was a little girl. How he clipped my fingernails and made me squeal because he always had that tendency to cut them deep. How he read with me each night. How he spread hydrogen peroxide or iodine on my wounded knees after I […]

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