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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Thoughts of a Woman

A woman is not attributed an intrinsic identity because she is a caricature of a castrated man; castrated politically, socially and sexually. It denies and projects unacceptable feelings of envy  for the phallic qualities of a Gentile. Freud said so, but I think he’s strange. The Oedipus Complex, the Electra Complex….he has seen it all. […]

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Eternal Mystery #352

I was jealous but didn’t want to say so I’ve not been anything but scorching hot Soared, with passions all aflame But when I saw Her, To tepid. Then to cool again. I was jealous Watching her lean towards him I felt a tiny, tingling “ping” Like a string stretched taut to my thighs Then […]

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“…And I’ll Get Back To You…”

I don’t know why I thought he loved me Just, perhaps, the way I felt for him And certainly he never said as much, mtaintaining that He didn’t show his feelings, or affection Though he held me tight enough and Kissing me, you couldn’t tell. He could be tender: when I hid my face Against […]

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Take Me Out

If I was bold enough I would follow you forever But darling please, rescue me Take me out Some may say It’s my fate Am I just in time or Or am I late If you can understand Then take me out I don’t start, I don’t end I don’t change on my own Take […]

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being

For hours, I battled with the demons inside me, trying to rationalize every single thing that was happening with me and B. Having met in a bookstore, and then having lunch, our initial awkward friendship continued over Whatsapp, text messages and phone calls, and blossomed into something I can only describe as beautiful magic. I […]

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We Met At Borders

A beautiful Saturday morning, that’s what it was. The date was 21st July 2012. Who would’ve thought that it would be even more beautiful at 11.46am when he first stepped into my life. I am mad about all things Gaiman. And this morning, after dropping E off at her art class (knowing I didn’t have […]

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