The Threesome Meme

Here’s another meme I got from EC, my colleague, who is also fast-becoming one of my girlfriends…This meme is also going to be rather embarassing for me, but what the heck!

3 things that your friends would immediately associate with you

  1. Control freak-ism (is there such a word?): Yes, I’m a control freak in many ways. And my friends know it too. Any bottles of shampoos, shower gels, hand soap, cleansers, etc in my bathroom must be arranged in descending height: from the tallest to the shortest, with the labels of the products facing forwards. Toothpaste and toothbrushes must be on the right-hand side of the sink, liquid hand soap in the middle, and everything else to the left. My 4 cherished Cellnique facial masques are arranged in alphabetical order (by name) on the glass ledge of the bathroom mirror. Toilet seats must always be kept down. The same thing goes for the spice and condiments corner in my kitchen. Margarine & butter must always be stored on the 2nd shelf of the fridge only. I don’t know why.

  2. Voracious reader & Books: Books sales/fairs are my favourite things in the world. I am famous among my friends for having a wonderful collection of books, spanning over 2000 titles, both fiction and non-fiction, and not including children’s books (the Peter & Jane series, Enid Blyton, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, etc, all mine!- which is still currently collecting dust in my father’s home). When I buy books at a sale, I buy in bulk, so I’ll have something to read for the next 2-3 months. My average book sale purchase includes approximately 60-80 books. And I have never spent more than RM800 for each bulk purchase. I’m a fast reader too. An average 200-page book takes me 2 days to finish, 4 hours if in one sitting, no breaks.

  3. Shopping : I’ve mellowed down with this as age and responsibility is fast catching up on me. In my heydays of youth, I’d buy at least 5-6 pairs of shoes per month, and then look for matching handbags too. I remember being at work with my BFFs (E’s godparents) and telling KS that I MUST, simply MUST, drive to Mid Valley and buy a pair of shoes I had seen the previous day. I suppose he could no longer withstand my constant whinging about how I should’ve bought those shoes, so he told me to shut up and we drove to Mid Valley to get them shoes. When I went through my everyday-gym stage, I bought up almost every single item of clothing Nike Women had on their racks and rails. I had at least 7-8 pairs of Nike for usage rotation, depending on what I was wearing. I’ve been known to also buy a particular piece of clothing I liked, in every colour they came in.

3 things about you that your friends might not have associated with you

  1. Picking my nose: This is embarassing, but yes, I seem to love picking my nose. I pick it often, when I am certain no one is looking. I generally don’t do this in public, I am very careful to maintain a pleasant, well-mannered outlook. *Snigger* I only pick when I am alone, or around the BFFs. Why do I pick my nose? I have an acute nose allergy problem, so I tend to have excessive mucus. When the mucus clogs up the air passage way, I am forced to mine the gold.

  2. Shaving my legs: Oh, yes, this is a constant chore for me. I absolutely hate that I have started this nasty habit. I shave my legs and arm pits every 2-3 days or so. Sometimes I want to just be like a Jungle Jane and leave it all bush-like so that I can go to a salon and have my leg/armpit hair all waxed. A week without shaving is the longest I can stand, don’t want the prairie brush to start rolling in the office.

  3. I can be pretty smart: Seriously. I’m generally outgoing and bubbly, and I act stupid a lot of times. But I can be smart when I need to be, especially when I am at work. But everyone only sees my stupid side. Which is cool…

3 reasons why your friends might not want to associate themselves with you

  1. My car is super filthy: I blame my husband, but really, I am the filthy one when it comes to my car. Which is very strange, because I am a control freak in other ways. But when it comes to my car, I just cannot be bothered. Shoes and empty water bottles everywhere, littered with bits of tissue paper, hair clips, pens, papers, etc. My car is in an awful state, and I am rightly embarassed about it.

  2. I bring my own food to some eating establishments (applicable only to lunch hour during the work week): Yes, I’m tight-fisted in that way sometimes. So I tell my friends, let’s go someplace where I can eat my own food without the shop-owner bothering me about bringing my own food. Thank goodness we’ve found the perfect place where I can do this. Bring my own food AND mineral water. I save a heckuva lot of money!

  3. Unlike EC who recycles-wear his t-shirt, I recycle-wear my work clothes: I only have one decent pair of straight-cut pants to wear to work. I wear this one pair at least twice a week without washing them. E.G. Monday: Pants & shirt, Tuesday: Dress, Wed; Pants & shirt, Thurs: Skirt & blouse; Friday: Pants & shirt. I also have a long black cardigan I wear to work at least once a week: I have been known not to have washed it from the previous week. Sometimes, by accident, sometimes intentional.

So have fun with this meme, everyone! Let’s see what you’ve got.