He lay prone on the hospital bed, breathing raggedly. An oxygen mask was clamped over his face. His eyes were closed and sunken deep within their sockets. She sat quietly beside him, drinking in the sight of this once-gigantic man, now reduced to mere skin and bones. The horrific memories of her childhood came flooding back in her mind’s eye. She closed her eyes, seeing him whipping her with his worn leather belt. Taunting her with cruel jibes of “Child whore” and “Freak”. Raping her, his fetid alcohol breath on her face as he poked and penetrated her childishly-thin body. Drowning her 3-month old baby in the kitchen sink. She never recovered from her child’s death. A monster. That’s what he was. Could this be the same man, her father? In a mocking twist of fate, God had left the monster to the care of his victim. He moved in his sleep, and mumbled her name. “I’m not sorry”, she whispered to him. As quick as lightning, she plunged the knife, concealed beneath her sweater, into his throat. Blood, red, red blood swam beneath her eyes until her vision clouded. His body stopped moving. And she could no longer see.