Writing Project: Chapter 2

I’m in a dream, she thought to herself. She was lying on the forest floor, quiet and still, taking in her surroundings. She could not remember how she had gotten here. She squeezed her eyes shut to will herself to remember what had happened, but her memory only served up a black hole filled with little white lights. She sat up, strangely exhilarated. Her eyes, they came alive, darting like fireflies in the night.  

Red trees. 

Only red trees surrounded her. Red trunk, red leaves, different hues of red. The hulking trees, tall, shooting into the sky- she could feel them watching her. Where were their eyes? They watched her quietly with their red eyes. What of the sky? She couldn’t see the sky. Was it day or night? She couldn’t tell. A strange vermillion glow settled over her surroundings.   

Her heart started pounding with a different kind of fear. Not the kind of fear that envelops you when you discover yourself in a strange place. No. The kind of fear that you feel in a familiar presence. 

Red shoes. On her feet. How did they get there?  

She saw the girl then. Pirouettes and leaping jetés. Wearing red shoes.