Writing Project: Chapter 4

Who are you?” she panted as she tried to keep up with the girl. The both of them were moving at an amazing speed, and she had the distinct feeling that she was flying. The red cows continued flying beside her, the silvery bells around their neck clanging like a busy church bell. She looked down at her feet, mesmerized; they were moving with a life of their own. Now a batterie. Then a grand battement. Her red shoes gleamed in the waning red light. 

 You should not speak”, the girl returned in a reproachful manner. Her eyes were big and dark, and as suddenly as she had started dance-running, the girl stopped abruptly after she had executed a perfect fouetté. The girl stared at her, fingering the dark curl that had fallen over her face. “You are lucky. I’ve saved you from her wrath”, the girl said. “I will help you with the cows, and then you must return to her meekly and quietly”. 

But… ” she protested, confused. 

Ssh!” the girl hissed. Her eyes flashed, one green, one brown. The round gem on her neck, hung from a worn leather strap, began to flicker. “Hark, she is near!”