Not the Village Idiot

Musician’s note: I wrote this song after when I was in secondary school. I went with my mother to pick up my cousin, who is mentally-retarded, from school and we found a group of boys laughing and mocking him. The only person who had bothered to stand up for him was a girl in his class, who, as events would have it years later, became a classmate of mine when I was reading law, and turned out to be one of my good friends.

Crazy. he is laughing
On the road
At those Southern girls
Won’t you please eat this pearl?

Crazy, you must wonder
At his ways
He nibbles grass, green grass
He thinks he is a cow

Die in this corner
The fairy is crying
Complete out this form now
Oh, is he the village idiot?
Chicken and leap frog
They don’t go together
Is that why they’re mocking
He is not the village idiot.

Crazy, all alone now
Isolation’s no good for him
Won’t you please let him in?

Crazy, you must wonder
At his ways
He can’t read or write, oh, no
Poor thing, he’s also blind

{Repeat Chorus}