Musician’s note: After I got it on with a beautiful man named Michael many, many years ago, I wrote this song for the heck of it after I found out he was a jerk.

Affirmation, physical attraction
Seems so much more
And what is it for?
I’m a harlot, you’re the buyer
Stripping me bare like you skin a hare
Hey there Devil’s pleasure
Plead me, I’m a soothsayer

Michael, you’re never meant to be
The angel that bears your name
Slowly, the Lying Spirits hear me
I’ll never be the same
Mystery, the depth within your conscience
And you profane your Master
Go down to find the answer
I don’t know why it’s this way
I don’t know why I like you this way
I don’t know why it’s this way

Down the staircare, on the sofa
We joined the band of woman and man
Complications, infatuation
Exploring youth
Oh, you’re so uncouth
Hey there Devil’s pleasire
Plead me, I’m a stupid favour

{Repeat Chorus}

Degradation, destitution
Leaving me there you don’t even care
I’m your saviour, you’re the sinner
You’re thrown off the lurch
But I’ll take you to church
Hey there Devil’s Pleasure
Plead me, but I’m still your angel

{Repeat Chorus}