Yet another love song

Musician’s note: One of my favourite pieces of all that I’ve composed.

When I say that you don’t mean everything
you’re speaking does it really matter really
cos if you were lying deeply inside a dream
and when I look into your eyes all I try to see
is a picture of you and me
holding hands and walking by the sea

Yeah I think that you’re hiding everything
you’re feeling that you truly adore me yeah
but you don’t say it though you hold me bravely
against the wind and rain and sun of the days
all I see, yeah, baby
is the love you profess to me

Little things they find their way to your heart
I couldn’t stand it too when we both were apart
Now we’ve found the truth we saw
That we were meant to be once more

Yeah I know that you’re changing rapidly
you’re trying to be what I really want
and now I know when you say what you say you mean it
coming straight from your heart it’s true
all I know yeah baby
life without you would be so blue

{Repeat Chorus}