Breaking the Waves

When I come home
And walk the streets of ghostliness
Dreaming concise
To see the light
Never again from this charade I play alone
Hooked on some Mary Jane and deep red wine

You followed me down tonight
Close the secrets that lie

Breaking the waves in the maze of my old enemies
Truly believe in what I see
Better go down on your knees
If you want me to hold you
Baby, it’s not that easy
Ooh, breaking the waves now
Ooh, sleeping disgrace foul
Hacking the grains of the seeds of my old enemies
Truly believe in what I see

Truth is a wound
That’s bleeding deep within its soul
Reflect upon time
Confine my red eyes
I run into mirrors and fragments slide inside my skin
And all the pain is gushed away

You lifted me up tonight
Freak, that’s what you should cry

{Repeat Chorus}

Sophea T. Amari



Oh! What a shame! It would be so nice if you could have a copy to play for Emilie when she’s older so you can show her what Mummy did when she was younger.


Hehe. Unfortunately, no. I had a CD I recorded some time back where I recorded most of the songs I wrote using a mini compo. Bad luck that. The CD got stolen together with my entire CD collection which was in my car then- it got broken into. I haven’t gotten around to doing a new CD, so the music’s all in my head… 🙂


I would really love to hear the music from your songs – do you still keep a recording?


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