To Queenie

I found an old letter I had written a long time ago. It was very short. I fingered the yellow page, torn out from a filofax, and remembered how young I was. In mind, that is. I was 15 then, and very into the whole karma/reincarnation/rebirth/afterlife thing. But I also believed in God- and reading back on this, I am amazed at the jumble of religious implications in my head. This was a letter to my dog, Queenie, my beautiful, bountiful German Shepherd which my parents gave me when I was 5- she was my very first pet.


My dear Queenie,

I don’t know where you’re heading to now, but I wish you well and I hope you’re happy now wherever you are, and that you will be in your next life. I’m glad I had the chance to hold you in my arms during your final moments of life. I love you and I always will forever. You have been nothing but the best of the best to me, and I love you very very much. Your loss has left me torn, that I no longer have my dear furry friend, you don’t know how much I treasure you.

In your next life, because you have been an exemplary pet and a member of our family, I hope that you will be reborn as a human being, because karma says that if you do good in your present life, your rewards in the next will be plentiful. And that is what you deserve to be, a prosperous, happy human being.

I know that life has to go on for everyone, no matter what happens. Life isn’t for throwing away and doing stupid things you’d later regret. So I will move on, Queenie, but it doesn’t mean I love you less. It just means I revel in the joy that was your life and I will remember you forever. I know that it was fate and God’s will that took you away from me. I think He needed you back with him because He saw you had already done so much good to us on Earth and perhaps He hopes you will do the same for another little girl.

I don’t know where you are now, Queenie. It makes me feel sad knowing that I will never see you again. So, take good care of yourself, you had always taken good care of me when I was little. Remember that you are loved and cherished, and in my heart and spirits, you have carved your mark there, and the space you occupied once will always be there, just for you.

I love you, my pet, my darling Queenie.

Eternally yours, PL