Musician’s note: My friend and I wrote the lyrics for this song for the Taiwanese pop artiste, Elva. The song was Mandarin to begin with, but they were hoping to break into the English-speaking market, and enlisted our help to do so. So, MM and I came up with these lyrics, definitely on the corny side, but also appealing to the general mass public that is Taiwan, China and Hong Kong (we hoped!). We settled for a huge lump sum payment for the lyrics, waiving our rights to royalties, which was just as well, since Elva has gone quiet for a while…Don’t ask me about the song structure in general, I only wrote the lyrics.

Lightning streaks and thunder rules my heart
Wanton storms and oceans tear us apart
My dear, you are not here
Something strange has gotten over me
I get the feeling that I lived beneath your skin
Come and walk with me.

Chorus 1:
Lonely in my heart
Heaven falls, as I reach for the sky
Caught in a spell of this heartache for a million nights
So lay me out in the moonlight
Let me breathe
Your lovely name on my window pane to bring me relief.

Chorus 2:
The pouring rain at my doorstep is saying to me
Oh where oh where shall I place my thoughts to make me complete
Forevermore inside our dreams we’d awlasy be
Oh yeah, oh baby, oh…

{Repeat Chorus 1}

Chorus 3:
The flowing tears from my eyes will never put out this flame
Eternally rising up and driving me so insane
You are the air, keeps it burning, hurricana
The show is over, we will never be the same.

{Repeat Chorus 1: Substitute 1st line with:}
You’re in my heart

The pouring rain at my doorstep is saying to me…
Forevermore inside our dreams we’d always be.