You know you’re getting old when…

  1. You throw/attend a friend’s bridal shower and come home by midnight
  2. You have a girls’ night out and can’t stop text-ing your husband and asking about the baby
  3. You reminisce about your primary school days- 24 years ago
  4. You ask your unmarried friends when their turn is going to be (sounding irritatingly like those relatives you try to avoid like the plague during family functions!)
  5. Your childhood pal is going to get married, and you start to cry thinking about how much your lives have changes
  6. You join Facebook at the behest of your friends and have no idea how to use it
  7. You get high after half a glass of Sangria
  8. You realize you have nothing to wear other than drab, mum-sy clothes in black & denim
  9. You prefer RM29 flea-market flatties to those killer CK stilettos
  10. You’re click-happy with your digital camera, wanting to savour every single moment