The Fiver Meme

Got this meme from my colleague, EC.

5 things you have in your bag right now

OK, so I have one helluva huge handbag. Believe me, I’ve drifted through using my huge leather Aigner carry-all, but it got so heavy that I stopped using it because I was afraid of breaking the straps. Then it was the black patent leather with steel handles from Ms. Selfridge, but it was too deep and I was constantly searching for things and failing miserably. Now, I’ve settled for a cheaper, soft leather Braun Buffel with a tough shoulder strap, I can tote this about and treat it like crap!

  1. Mobile Phone -It’s a Sony Ericsson Z610i, very girly and in a beautiful luminous blue- SE rocks! Can’t live without my phone, will go bonkers

  2. Wallet -A long, Braun Buffel one with a semi-precious stone dangling from the coin slot ring, lots of space for cards, and compartments to stash secret cash! 

  3. Lipstick -4 tubes: Revlon ColorStay in Divine Port Wine and Fabulous Fig, and M.A.C.’s Satin Lipstick in Retro and Del Rio

  4. Hand cream -L’Occitane’s shea butter hand cream

  5. Tissue paper / wet wipes -especially to wipe up after the toddler!

5 things you have in your wallet

  1. Cash, and very little of it

  2. Credit cards -Darn those credit cards! I try to leave them at home, but somehow, everytime I go out, the cards call out to me, “Take me with you, PL, you know you want to...”

  3. ATM cards-not that I have any money in the ATMs to withdraw from anyway

  4. Credit card receipts- yes, I’m anal that way. I keep ALL my credit card receipts, and then shred them after my bill arrives and I can verify that I’ve made the relevant purchases

  5. Pictures of my hubby, bubs & myself

5 things you like in your bedroom

  1. My bed! I don’t know about you, but I think each bed has its very own special smell. Mine is king-sized (because I share it with Hubby), with one helluva killer mattress and usually very fluffy with comforters and throws and lots of pillows, and so damned comfortable, that the first thing I do when I come into my room is throw myself into the bed and let myself sink in.

  2. My bedside lamp- because it gives me light when I read at night (hey, that rhymes)

  3. My bathroom- because I love a warm shower after a long day of work to rejuvenate myself plus I love the superb high water-pressure from my shower head.

  4. My daughter’s junior bed- because I know she’s beside me, sleeping in her bed, pillowing her dreams with lavender, teddy bears and rainbows

  5. My vanity- because I’m vain!

5 things you’d like to do before you die

  1. Climb Mount Kinabalu- I’m not overly ambitious, but this is what I had wanted to do for a long time. Planned a trip in May 2005, but found out I was pregnant in March 2005, so I had to cancel it. Today, with an active almost-2-year-old running about the house to care for, I haven’t made the time for a date with the rising sun at the peak of Kinabalu.

  2. Climb outdoors in Krabi- I’ve heard from SL how wonderful it is to climb outdoors, and I know she had the most exciting time climbing in Krabi. So I’d love to have that experience for myself, instead of living it vicariously through my friends. I loved climbing, and I was just beginning to love it more when I decided that it took too much of my time away from my daughter. I hope to return to it in the very near future.

  3. Visit the Stonehenge- the death-place of Tess of the D’ubervilles, I want to see if I feel the same magic emanating from the stones, from the ground within my feet, the mystery left unsolved to date

  4. Bungee jump- The thrill of it! I want to see if it’s true, that your heart leaps into your mouth, that the insides of your stomach just jimmies and curl, that your screams will fade into eternity on the free fall downwards

  5. See my daughter get married and settled down with a kind, generous nice man who will take care of her and love her as much as I do

5 things you’re doing at this point of time

  1. Freezing in my room at work, because the central air-conditioning is super cold

  2. Doing this meme, because I want to do something lighthearted before I get started on the drab

  3. Listening to ‘Teardrop’ by Massive Attack on my iTunes

  4. Taking a double dose of my Redoxon effervescent Vitamin C + Zinc because I feel like I’m coming down with a flu

  5. Breathing in the fresh scent of my AirWick White Peach scented air-freshener