Writing Project: Chapter 16

The dizzying effect in her head grew more intense, and as she swiftly made her way through the brush and trees, branches slapping into her face, clawing into her bare arms, she felt as if she was going to cry. Where was he?

Her senses, though still acute, had been thrown into limbo because of the events of the day. She was afraid: that what she was going to follow, the energy radiating from the pain of the Serpent, was a trickery of the mind, a powerful manifestation of some malign forces, some magic not of this Earth. The nauseating feeling she felt, the dull ringing in her ears, her unsteadiness: all seemed to be symptoms of a dark force synonymous with the legend of the Destroyers. Could this be what this was about?

When they were children, they had discovered this telepathy of sorts. And when he channelled his thoughts to her, it was usually surrounded with a pleasing light, a calming effect on her mind. And if she listened closely, she would hear his light, loving laughter. But this- this was different. She did not know what to make of it.

But she continued to run. Towards him.