Over you…

….is fast becoming one of my favourite songs. It’s a song by Daughtry, a phenomenal, hot, rising band pioneered by Chris Daughtry, a former American Idol contestant (Season 5). With music edging on rock and grunge, Daughtry’s songs are fast rising on the music charts, with the release of one great single after another. You really have to admire them and how they’re true to their music.

The music video for Over You is something I enjoyed. The lyrics of the song suggest a relationship ending in heartbreak, and having to start anew, learning to live life on one’s own again after a period of dependency. At first, watching the music video of a girl partying with her boyfriend and having drinks steers you to a conclusion that this must be a break up song. Flashbacks. The girl cries in the bathroom, clad in her towel. She looks estranged, tired, worn, anguished. Ever so often, the video steers you to an image of her, sitting in a chair with her lanky legs stretched out beneath her, her eyes watery, her head covered with a hood, as if to push away the shame and sadness emanating from within her.

But at the end of the video, she steps up onto a stage, pulls off her hood and gives a wee smile. A group of people are sitting on chairs in front of her. She says, “Hi, I am Sarah, and….” and you realize that this isn’t a music video about a failed relationship with a person, but a failed relationship with one’s self. Sarah is seeking addiction treatment, she is an alcoholic.

Things are never what they appear to be.