The Florist

She waited for him outside the restaurant. She was smart. Followed him here after he had finished work. She could see him clearly from where she was, huddled in her beat-up old Ford Escort. He sat by the window, laughing as he took a swig of wine from his glass. His companion was a very pretty, rosy-cheeked young woman in a power suit. They both stared at each other a lot, held hands over the table, exchanged shy little furtive kisses once a while. Inside her Ford Escort, she fumed and felt rage boiling within her as she watched on.

How could he do this to her? They had a special bond, the both of them. How could he continue to see this woman, the other woman? she thought. When he had met her at the florist months ago, she knew that there was something special about him. Every 2-3 days, he would come in to buy flowers from her. He always had an excuse handy. “For my mother”, he’d say. Sister. Colleague. But she knew better. She knew that he wanted to see her. She could see it in his eyes. She knew him so well.

An hour passed, and he finally came out of the restaurant, the girl clinging to his arm. It was a chilly night. They stopped at the pavement briefly and exchanged words. Then, the girl tiptoed, even in her stilettos, she barely reached his shoulders, he was so tall and elegant. A deep kiss. She saw his hands wander boldly to the girl’s waist, his arms enveloping her like a cloud of mist. They kissed again and again. She clenched her fists, tears burning her eyes.

They finally parted, and the girl grinned, waving at him as they walked off in opposite directions. She quickly started up her car, its engine sputtered a little. Her eyes rested on a bouquet of lilies beside her. She scoffed scornfully. He had come in this morning, bought some lilies, a huge bunch of them. He said they were to be┬áhis wedding flowers-lilies. That the other woman loved lilies. That they were to be married in a week’s time. He claimed her to be his long-time girlfriend. The other woman, she thought bitterly. That’s all she was to her.

How dare he?!

She began to follow the girl in her car, her head full of dreams, her mind making plans.