Mouth open

A few weeks ago, E dragged me to a meeting with him one afternoon. Our workload at the office was fast-increasing, and where possible, we’d gather colleagues to help sit in at meetings so that we’d be able to turnaround the work faster with another person on board the deal. This was some IT-related deal.

First, the jam going into town (KL, that is) was horrendous. Then, the area where the meeting was looked like another damn country because construction and road works were not only ongoing, but the roundabout which we were familiar with had been replaced with a figure-8 squiggle on the maps of Jalan Tun Razak. The Bulatan Kampung Pandan was no longer a ‘bulatan’, i.e. circle. But- we managed to make our way to the client’s office and park in the basement (which, horrifically, had NO lifts, so we had to climb up the stairs to the lobby, on the day I chose to wear my new 4-inch high wedges).

The meeting began fine enough, with our clients advising us on their proposed business model and what they hoped to achieve out of that. And then, they went into technicalities: I tried to understand as much as I could: base stations, fiber optic cables, wimax, and a whole host of other things that sounded like another language to me. Inadvertently, (I tend to do this when I listen too intently), I dropped my mouth/jaw open and stared at the whiteboard as our client drew charts, squiggles and arrows to illustrate the plan to us. I was lost. E turned to look at me and had to suppress laughter.

Later, he told me I looked like a regular doofus with my mouth wide open, with my confusion and boredom so transparent to everyone. I really have to stop this. When I concentrate too hard, my mouth drops open. Believe you me, it really isn’t a pretty sigh at all.