Since I bought my new iPod Classic, I’ve been filling up that little baby with music, all sorts of wonderful stuff. I love my iPod, my iTunes, and I can spend a fruitful day uploading at least a hundred songs into that little machine. From the chill-out sounds of Royksopp and Nuspirit Helsinki, to the smooth croonings of Aretha Franklin and Billie Holliday, to the clear winsome voices of Taylor Swift and Sara Bareilles and the edgy sounds of Dashboard Confessional and Trading Yesterday, my music fills my work day and makes it all the more bearable.

I’m careful, though, to use my Bose headphones when I’m listening to music from my laptop. Who’d want the rest of my office listening to the stuff I am?! I love my music, and I love to share, but even I know that the soothing sounds of music isn’t soothing for all people, who need to focus and concentrate when they work. For me, I just work all the better when melodies are floating in my ears and filling up my mind.