In the lap of luxury

I’ve always coveted luxurious designer goods. I own some, but I generally don’t spend unless I REALLY like something. I don’t buy designer clothes, because I feel they’re too expensive when I could go to a discount store and get something I need at a fraction of the price. I do, however, sometimes buy designer handbags or shoes- mainly because I’m a bag-a-holic and shoe-a-holic. I’ve added to my collection of 80++ shoes 2 new pairs of Nine West pumps I bought over the past month. Over the weekend, I bought 2 other pairs of el-cheapo shoes from a store called Nichii Fashion City, and the shoes are just too pretty to resist, and cheap, too!

Two weeks ago, I’ve splurged on 2 Coach handbags, ordered directly from in the States. A signature extra large Hobo bag in brown/khaki and a striped signature swing bag. I’m still waiting for the goods to arrive. And just today, I placed an order for the much-wanted Louis Vuitton Tivoli PM- a really versatile, roomy classic monogram bag just made for daily use. I’m so excited about my purchases!

The next thing I really want to splurge on is a pair of cufflinks to go with my new Raoul shirt….