A game with a diner

Seriously, I’m not one of those people who get hooked on computer games. I couldn’t really grasp the concept of why it was so fun. Sure, I’d play the occasional Solitaire on my laptop once in a while, but that was about it. I’m still amazed that boys like my brother and cousins can spend up to 10 hours sitting at the PC playing computer games like Quake, Counter Strike and my brother’s all-time favourite, Age of Empires.

But recently, when I had a little time on my hands, I tried out a game called Diner Dash. And it really got me interested. Diner Dash is the fabulously-successful series created by a leading publisher of cool and casual games, PlayFirst. The first Diner Dash chapter started out with┬áthe central character of the game, Flo, ditching her corporate job as a stock broker and goes full on into the world of dining! She sets up her own little roadside diner and as a player, you have to help her turn it into a successful dining empire! I love this because the graphics are colourful and so cute, and man, it can get really addictive! As a player, you will help Flo wait on customers, collect tips and serve grub…! Sounds fun and easy eh….?? Haha, sometimes not so!

Some other chapters in the Diner Dash series include Diner Dash 2, where Flo has to battle a gourmet tycoon, Mr. Big, and Diner Dash-Flo on the Go, where Flo trades her aprons and grubs for a much-needed holiday in paradise! The latest installment in the Diner Dash series is Diner Dash-Hometown Hero, where Flo returns to her hometown to help her grandmother bring back some life into her favourite childhood haunts, like the amusement park, museum, zoo and ballpark. Flo intends to spruce up these places so that they’d be as good as new! But to do that, a player must help Flo serve customers and food and pick up tips to start channelling money into refurbishing these places. Sounds like a great challenge, especially if you have errant demanding teenagers screaming for their burgers, la-di-da celebrities who are impatient for their food and the worst yet obstacle, a seriously hard-headed and tough-as-nails food critic (gasp!). It gets really exciting then!! The Gourmet Edition of the Hometown Hero chapter is not free, but it promises really exciting stuff like multiplayer games and clothing and decor items to allow players to create their own avatars and design their own diners.

And the very best part about this: it’s all FREE. Yup, download Diner Dash onto your PC and you’re ready to start playing! And please, I take no responsibility for your getting hooked onto the game….