What if….

These are some questions I’ve asked myself and some friends before. I’ve tried to come up with some answers, but….I don’t know. What do you think?


…you’re a football player and you need to take a dump halfway through an important game? Can you call a time-out? In English football, I don’t think you’re allowed to. So what do you do? Do it while you score a hat-trick?

…you’re a catwalk model who needs prosthetic legs? Would you still have your job?

…you ate durians and washed it down with brandy? My friend swore to me that a friend of his friend did that once and died a few hours later. I find it hard and very odd to believe that one can expire simply by consuming durians and alcohol. Or does that work like alcohol and Paracetamol?

…you’re too tired to climb a flight of steps and wanted to use the electric-operated stair lifts designated for the disabled? Can you pretend to be disabled just so you can use it? Is it an offence? Do you think you’d care about how morally incorrect it’d be?

…you buy clothes a size too small, so that it’d motivate you to lose weight? What do you do with those clothes if you don’t lose weight? What do you do if you do lose weight and those clothes go out of fashion? Would you still wear them?

…nobody ever has the answers to all the questions in the universe?