Sleeping in the crib

Was this how God had planned her life for her? She didn’t know, but she was so happy now that she didn’t care. For 26 years, she had been taunted, laughed at, bullied, pitied… She didn’t know why she had been so affected, when she knew that it was bound to happen. So she was 26 years old, beautiful and dark-haired with a wonderful personality. She was also a dwarf.

She lay in the Emily crib with her newborn baby girl. A perfect little cherub of a child, 1 1/2 feet long, with tiny fingernails, a small rosebud mouth and a golden burst of springy curls on her head. The doctors had said that the baby, whom she had yet to name, would grow into a normal adult. She kissed the baby, smiling as she hugged her close.

Did she now regret that her baby would have no father? Would she tell her baby that she, little babe, was the product of a mugging/rape incident? She didn’t know. And now, she didn’t care. She was content to just sleep with her child in the crib.