Within Your Box

Do you work your sacred routine
And cast yourself into the plexiglas dome
Polishing your shoes until they shine
Finding a sanctuary that you call home?
Do you look into your eyes
Pernicious judging in your mind
About your temperance and style
Getting more than you bargained for?
Do you whisk the dust from under you
Sweeping them unto the floor
Where cobwebs lie, they always do
Your pagan heart beckons a door?
Do you lie and smoke in bed
Burn an apple candle in its place
While dusky notes permeate the air
And your thoughts are filled with space?
Do you wait for Summer Solstice
To patiently work your craft
Sand, shells, papers, salt and leaves
But nothing truly works it out?
Do you sit within your box
Reacting strangely and starry-eyed
Textured bark adorns your clogs
Still you spin and spin until you die?

Sophea T. Amari


thanks, zachenous! the compliment is much appreciated- i’m glad you think so. what’s stopping me? i really don’t know, so this blog is a start, i suppose. because there are others out there who are heaps better than i am. so i have to learn some humility before i venture out there. 🙂 thanks, and do keep coming back, spread the word and rally some support for me, hahaha!


Wow. I must say you are very good! Seriously, im not sure what is hindering you from doing what you do best. Keep it going! 😉


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