My brother’s friend

When I was much younger and still in secondary school, my brother’s friend, A, used to come over to our place after school, just to hang out and chill. Or sometimes he needed a place to be at because he had just played truant for his tuition classes. Bro and he were really tight, the best of friends then.

This boy, A, was really something. He was a prefect in their all-boys’ school and was a straight-As student too. He was also a wild party animal. At 15 (and I was 17 then), he was already clubbing (he could pass for 18, I swear) and drinking excessively- and boy, could he drink. I was still stuck in my admire-the-boys stage, cramming for exams and trying to excel in my extra-curricular school activities (yes, I was kind of a geek) and at 17, I had just been kissed for the very first time that year. Sad, I know. A, though, had a string of wild girlfriends and had done all the things I only started out to do when I went to college. He was advanced for his years certainly.

A week before the big Form 3 exams (called S.R.P. then), he was admitted into the hospital. For alcohol poisoning. Bro and I were worried sick, but A pulled through, did his exams and scored mostly As.

They kept in touch even after school, and until today. Bro has been dating A’s ex-girlfriend for the past 3 years. I know, he broke the cardinal rule. But A is completely cool with it. They’re still the best of friends, even though there are plans for Bro and A’s ex to tie the knot in a year or two.

I don’t know why, but I suddenly thought of A. The last I heard, he was in alcohol rehab because he was getting drunk everyday and putting his own life in danger. He’s only 29 this year. I don’t know what he’s doing now. I don’t see him around these days, since Bro moved out of state to work. I hear they catch up when Bro is back in town, but I haven’t seen him. And I just suddenly wondered what happened to him. But I hope he’s doing alright. He respected me. He was nice to me.