What’s this with celebrities and drugs? Hundreds of celebrities have been caught in that grind before.

I was watching something on the E! channel the other day. Britney Spears’ fall from grace, from beloved pop princess to a ranting, psychotic woman dabbling in all sorts of crazy behaviour and ignoring her two very beautiful, very cute children. As a mother, I completely cannot understand how one’s child does not come first in their lives. Unless that person is Britney Spears, who has, to be fair, been through terror and turmoil and forced to grow up at a very young age. And probably wasn’t ready for motherhood at 22. (23? 24?) Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yeah, so Britney’s been in and out of drug rehab several times, even then, in the swankiest of rehab centres. The tabs and reports claim she is doing better these days. But just a few days ago, the paps caught pictures of her sunbathing in the nude in her home (which she has every right to do, it’s her home) but hell, woman- you know the paps are watching you with an eagle-eye and you sunbathe nude and let them take your pics??? I’m wondering what went through her mind and whether there was any logic in her thoughts these days.

I never liked Britney Spears, to begin with. I thought she was a nice packaged deal, a great performer- but I wasn’t a fan of her limited vocal range and bubble-gum, pop-sy music. Now, though, I’m feeling sorry for the poor girl. She’s had it going rough the past year or two, I wish the people would just let up and let her be. She needs to heal on her own terms.

It must suck being a celebrity like her.