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I just cannot absolutely understand this game. I know the rules, I know what a birdie or hole-in-one is. I know you play courses with 9 or 18 holes. I know people who’d wake up at 5 a.m. just to play a round on the golf course. That has me stumped. But I suppose it’s like other people who’d wake up at 5 a.m. to prepare their kids for school. Or to go for a morning job around the block. I’m trying to reason.

I wonder if I’d be addicted to golf. My father has been subtly hinting that I should pick up the sport. My bosses have hinted that it’d be a great way to network with our clients, especially the big heads of companies or CEOs. I’m thinking: oh my God, I have to wake up that early? I’m not a sporty person. The only time I voluntarily woke up that early was to feed E (when she was little). Going camping or on a trip doesn’t count, because that’s pure fun.

A friend is trying to sell me his used Cobra golf set. I want to tell him it’s futile because 1) I can’t afford to pick up something new now; 2) I can’t afford to buy a golf set; 3) I don’t have the time to play golf; and 4) I look at my father-in-law (who’s addicted to the game) and his weather-beaten face, darkened skin, and go “uh-oh- no way”. No way I’d subject my complexion/skin to that kind of torture. I hear you walk kilometres when you play golf and that it’s good exercise. I don’t doubt that. I just don’t want to get skin cancer when I’m walking out in the hot sun.

Having said that, and I hate myself for saying this: Hubs and I think a future in golf would be very “profitable” for our little one. I know, we’re terrible parents. Let our kids do the things we don’t want to. I’d say, let them have the opportunities we never had!

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