Change in the home

Things change when one has a child. I know that for a fact. When Hubs and I got married and moved into our own home, I felt a sense of pride welling up in my chest as I thought, “My own home.” I had plans on how I wanted our home to look like.

For months, I would spend my free moments shopping for things, curtains, home decor kind of stuff. I was a true Bohemian at heart, though, and when we moved into our house, it looked like a Turkish harem: think flowy chiffon curtains as separators, scented candles and incense, colourful throw pillows on the floor, bead curtains for our doors, and very soft yellow lighting. I was never a completely neat person, but I could deceive people into thinking I was a good housekeeper, because I chuck things and mess into hidden places- drawers and cabinets which guests wouldn’t dream of looking into. And I insisted on teak furniture: an ancient-looking, antique-like coffee table, a day bed, a teak feng shui mirror, teak chairs, etc. So it all looked really quite impressive and we didn’t have to spend a lot of money.

Then E came along. Our home changed.

We chucked my beloved teak day bed in the small space just outside the bedrooms upstairs. The teak chairs were relegated to the kitchen. The coffee table remained. We had to clear a lot of space for the baby’s play pen. The dark wood cabinets were filled with baby toiletries, wet wipes, cotton wool, diapers, changing mats, etc. And every inch of floor area in our home was covered with toys or baby things. Now I’m lucky if I can keep this all neat, but thank goodness for hired help- we now have a live-in maid, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to cope with baby AND housework.

But the boho chick is still somewhere inside me, I know that. I find myself wistfully keeping the bead curtains because E would keep pulling the beads and most had come off. I had to fold away the chiffon curtains because I was afraid she would slip on them and fall. The day bed had to go, because it was too high and I was afraid she’d try to climb up and down and hurt herself if she fell. We’ve replaced that with a huge comfy sofa from Ikea now. I don’t have the time to clean up the mess she leaves sometimes, but thank goodness again for the hired help.

Our home has changed, but I wouldn’t change it for anything else in the world.