We went for a beach holiday 2 weeks ago. We flashed money, we had great food, we spared no expenses. When we came back home, it felt terrible. Coming back to reality. And the reality was- we had overspent. Or perhaps I did. 12 bikinis I had no absolute use for- I kept 6 and gave away the other 6 to friends. The goal was to lose weight and fit into them a year from now. My credit cards have been relatively unused, until the trip. I swiped like there was no tomorrow, I keep forgetting I have to pay the bills at the end of the month. I scoured the internet for banks offering credit cards with a 0 balance transfer. Zero percent. It’s hard to find, to say the least. Most banks still want to charge at least 9% p.a. instead of 18%. The rates are certainly lower, of course. But it’s not ideal. The ideal is ZERO. I’m gonna keep looking. I’ve never been this broke my entire life. OK, maybe I have…..