Move or improve?

I saw my dream home several months ago, at a development called Desa Park City. Not too far from my current abode, but certainly further. My dream home was priced at a hefty RM1.5 million, and it was a bare unfurnished unit, 3 stories high, intermediate linked unit. Beautiful finishing, though. And I loved the development itself, with a beautiful huge park and a community retail centre with a supermarket, some shops and food outlets. What a beautiful place. It came with a very hefty price tag, not including monthly maintenance charges payable to the developer. After viewing several houses there, it became apparent that none of them were comparable to my Dream Home. So I’ve decided to wait it out and hopefully, see the property market fall a little bit more. That’s Move.

In the meantime, there’s Improve. A few weeks ago, I blew over 300 bucks buying nothing but home and interior design magazines, and knicked a furniture catalog from Ikea, presumably for ideas as to how I could make my current home look more beautiful. Of course, before all that I.D., I’d need to fix up the leak in the bathrooms, the now-defective bathroom door knobs, perhaps a fresh coat of paint inside and out, and just basically to clean up the mess lurking in out study room. I had dreams of a nice new bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe and timber flooring for the upstairs. Dreams which would perhaps start costing at around RM100,000, if I was lucky, and just to fix up things around. I can certainly afford that, but should I or should I not wait for Dream House to become more affordable???