I seriously need to free up some cash. I’m going for a long holiday in LA at the end of this year (hopefully), and at the rate I’m spending these days (not on shopping or clothes or bags- but just spending in general for my household and family), I’m going to be flat-out broke by the time December arrives and I’ll have no spending money (well, not much) for shopping in LA and Las Vegas.

The thing that irks me is the high interest rates on my mortgage. Now in the 4th year of my mortgage, I am servicing interest at the unhealthy rate of 8% per annum. And when I see other banks or financial institutions offer packages for mortgages at much lower rates or even a free mortgage loan, I want to bang my head against the door or something.

The thought of re-financing has occurred to me, as I think I should take advantage of the presently lower interest rates offered. Hmm….. I don’t know yet.