Home improvement (1)

I was talking to my maid last night about my plans to re-model / improve my home. She seemed enthusiastic when I told her I was planning to convert the study room downstairs into a little bedroom for her, complete with a new single bed, mattress and bedding. And yes, a chest of drawers. She promised to start cleaning up the mess, pack our crap into boxes and haul it all upstairs for temporary storage while we worked on her room.

At the same time, though, we’d need to work on the small family area upstairs, to convert it into a study/computer area, meaning I’d need to get rid of the day bed sitting there and collecting dust particles, and move it into another room. I’d also need to install a new air conditioner in the family area, small as it is, it gets bleeding hot I tell you- and buy a new study table and perhaps a multi-purpose table for the printer, Internet modem and wireless router. And swivel chairs, of course. Study lamps. Argh…. This is costing more and more…Argh- a cupboard for storage of odds-and-ends.

I’m being practical, working on the more important things in our home, one step at a time. But no, Hubby only thinks of having an extended outdoor patio, complete with patio furniture and all, and perhaps a little water fountain. Like the English, he dreams of having scones with afternoon tea on the weekends, casually and leisurely smoking his cigarette while enjoying the afternoon breeze. Sorry, Hubs, I’d hate to dash your dreams- but a patio is NOT a priority at this point of time. If we had a patio, we wouldn’t have any place to park our cars. And I, for one, am not going to sit out there in the scorching hot sun to have hot afternoon tea, no thanks.

Must start the maid’s room refurnishment/study area project a.s.a.p. so that he won’t have the chance to think of that damned outdoor patio ….And when it’s done, I’ll find something else to work on, just so he can’t think of that damned outdoor patio again…